Connect International

We are a Christian community that meets in the Kohoku Newtown area
of Yokohama City. We come together to celebrate the life and hope found in knowing Jesus. 

We are a diverse group of nationalities
, including Japanese, German, Australian and Korean. All are welcome to join our community. Each week we have a message in Japanese and English, and translation into German can be provided if necessary.

We are part of Connect ツナグ, a multi-site church
with several community groups that meet in various locations, languages and venues. We began with our International Connect Group and have a vision to start many more life giving communities.

Connect International is a bilingual church
that has an emphasis on building a community were Christians can grow together and where people who don’t know Jesus yet experience Him and His love in their midst. You don’t need to be a Christian to attend our events and we work hard to make it understandable and relevant for every visitor. All our events are in Japanese and English.
For detailed information on upcoming events please visit our Facebook and Meetup sites: 


every Saturday 4:30 pm
on the 3rd floor of the Hara Building (7 minutes walk from tsuzuki fureainooka station) 


Connect is all about connecting people with each other and getting connected with the loving God who cares for us. We begin our meetings with conversation over tea, coffee and snacks. In the program there is also music and Bible-time/ a Christian message, sometimes using video.

The whole event is bi-lingual in Japanese and English.





Connect Kids is a program for children with games, different activities, lots of fun and a Bible Message. It’s a place to make friends, meet people from different nations and experience God’s Love. The program is in Japanese, but translation into English and German can also be provided.  

Once every two weeks we meet on a Thursday afternoon 1-2:30pm in Nakamachidai to study the Bible together. We have a second group meeting on Monday evenings 8-9:30pm in Centre Minami. Please contact us if you are interested in participating.



Who we are

CONNECT wants to make a lasting difference in your life, in our community, in Japan and in the world. We see the key in this is to have a connection with the living GOD and his son Jesus and with each other.
The church isn’t a building but it’s people and we hope that you’ll find us a pretty friendly bunch. We meet in different locations in the North Yokohama area in the moment.
Our missionaries are part of OMF international and belong to a fellowship of 120 colleagues here in Japan and more than 1,200 around the world.
We are an international team from Germany, Australia, Korea and the USA being involved in different CONNECT Communities.

Our Vision

Connecting People with GOD
We see people getting connected to God the loving Father through Jesus, and experiencing acceptance, forgiveness, freedom and a new destiny for their lives.
Connecting People with Each Other
We see people connected through life groups, where friends grow, laugh, and serve together.
Connecting Generations
We see people of all age groups connecting at a heart level, sharing life and serving God together.
Connecting Christians
We see a multi-site church, meeting at different locations with each having unique styles of worship and ministries.
Connecting All Walks of Life
We see a church that communicates God‘s Word in ways that connect with people from all different socio-economic backgrounds and that goes the extra mile to create fellowship and worship opportunities for people who have to work on the weekend or come home late in the evening.
Connecting the Disconnected
We see Japanese people experience church online through our internet site worship services getting (re-)connected to the body of Christ.
Connecting Nations
We see international services and life groups in English being established for people of all nations. We see our church being involved in missions, relief and reconciliation efforts worldwide.
Connecting  with People in Need
We see our church seeking the transformation of both hearts and societies, caring for people‘s needs around us.
Connecting Urban and Rural
We see our church bringing the Gospel to the unreached rural areas of Japan and building partnerships and networks with local churches.

Our Values

We believe that every person on this earth matters to God.

We are faith-filled, big thinking and risk taking
in order to reach people no one is reaching.

We look for creative ways to share God‘s love.

We try hard to be culturally-relevant while biblically-faithful.

We believe that discipleship training and intentional apprenticing
are essential in our ministries.

We want to offer our best – excellence honors God and inspires people.

We honor Christ and His church with integrity.

We truly believe it is more blessed to give than to receive.

We believe nothing is more fun than serving God and people with friends you love.

We live F.U.L.L relationships with people of every generation
(Family Atmosphere, Unconventional, Loving, Laughter).

We want to draw on the synergy of the body of Christ
– we know that we can accomplish more together than apart.

We are spiritual contributors not spiritual consumers.

We want to serve together in teams
regardless of each person‘s social background.

How can I get involved?

CONNECT is not a place for spectators. It is a place for team-players. Whether you are a five-year old child, a ninety-five year old grandmother, a busy mom, or a businessman with big responsibilities, we want you to become a part of a new vibrant church community. Here is how you can learn, serve, and grow at CONNECT.


Often, small groups of people are better able to share life authentically. We want to start groups where friends grow, laugh and serve together. Won’t you like to join in?


GOD loves kids and we love them too! Therefore we want to start-up an interesting fun program for children, where they can connect together, learn, play and hear about the Father in Heaven.

CONNECT – Worship

As we want to praise the creator of heaven and earth, we look for people who want to use their creative gifts (music, voice, drama, dance, arts, technical skills, video production, etc.) to serve the church.



Contact us, if you have any questions, suggestions, ideas or prayer requests.

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Hara Building

Our room is on the third floor of the ‘Hara Building’ (on the first floor there is a Nepalese restaurant)

Some special events take place at the community centres in Tsuzuki-ku (Yokohama):

Nakamachidai Chiku Center (website)

仲町台地区センターare the Japanese characters to look out for.
We normally meet at the small and middle size meeting room in the second floor (小会議室 & 中会議室)

3 minutes from Nakamachidai Station Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line

Nakamachidai Chiku CenterNakamachidai Chiku Center


If you come by car, there is coin parking available around the Chiku Center and the station (20 minutes for 100 Yen)



Tsuzuki Chiku Center (website)

都筑地区センター are the character to look out for or follow the signs to the pool (プール)
We normally meet at the big meeting room I&II in the second floor (大会議室 I & II).

3 minutes from Tsuzuki Fureainooka Station Yokohama Municipal Subway Green Line

Tsuzuki Chiku Center

If you come by car, you can park on the back of the Chiku Center for free (limited parking lots). The nearby OK store and some coin parking is also available for reasonable prices.


Kawawa Shogako Community House (website)

川和小学校コミュニティハウス are the characters to look out for. There is quite a number of signs around the schools only in Japanese leading to the entrance. Enter by the school gate in just opening it and then follow the signs to the right leading you around the school to a smaller building, which is the Community House. If the gate is closed, use the right bell. We normally meet at the second floor at the meeting room 3.

3 minutes from Kawawacho Station Yokohama Municipal Subway Green Line


Kawawa Community House

If you come by car, there are a number of cheap coin parking lots along road #12 (1 hour for 100 Yen, max. 500 Yen).


 Tsuzuki Public Hall at the Ward Office(website)

都筑公会堂 @ 都筑区役所 is the Japanese name of this meeting place.

3 minutes from Center Minami Station of the Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line & Green Line

Public Hall


There is a car park behind the Ward Office (not free).