Connect International

We are a Christian community that meets in the Kohoku Newtown area
of Yokohama City. We come together to celebrate the life and hope found in knowing Jesus. 

We are a diverse group of nationalities
, including Japanese, German, Australian and Korean. All are welcome to join our community. Each week we have a message in Japanese and English, and translation into German can be provided if necessary.

We are part of Connect ツナグ, a multi-site church
with several community groups that meet in various locations, languages and venues. We began with our International Connect Group and have a vision to start many more life giving communities.

Connect International is a bilingual church
that has an emphasis on building a community were Christians can grow together and where people who don’t know Jesus yet experience Him and His love in their midst. You don’t need to be a Christian to attend our events and we work hard to make it understandable and relevant for every visitor. All our events are in Japanese and English.
For detailed information on upcoming events please visit our Facebook and Meetup sites: 


every Sunday 2:30 pm
at the Nakamachidai or Tsuzuki Community Center


Connect is all about connecting people with each other and getting connected with the loving God who cares for us. We begin our meetings with conversation over tea, coffee and snacks. In the program there is also music and Bible-time/ a Christian message, sometimes using video.

The whole event is bi-lingual in Japanese and English.







Connect Kids is a program for children with games, different activities, lots of fun and a Bible Message. It’s a place to make friends, meet people from different nations and experience God’s Love. The program is in Japanese, but translation into English and German can also be provided.  

Once every two weeks we meet on a Thursday afternoon 1-2:30pm in Nakamachidai to study the Bible together. We have a second group meeting on Monday evenings 8-9:30pm in Centre Minami. Please contact us if you are interested in participating.